Below are some of our personal Home Movies & Photos.  If you'd like us to create something similar for you, your family or friends please feel free to contact us anytime. We love talking about photography & films.

Below please find some Bride & Groom photo highlights from our wedding. They were shot by our awesome teammates Vlad & Edison. Click any thumbnail and the photos will enlarge into a slider format

Press PLAY below to screen a compressed version of our 26minute Wedding Film. It was shot as a gift by some fillmmaker friends/guests and photographer/filmmaker/ teammate Edison on lots of different types of cameras. A year later, we put together all the different footage, created an outline, added some of our favorite music and rather than cut it ourselves, asked our teammate Brett to edit it together under our direction. 

Below please find a re-staging of our 1st Date:

We filmed our proposal and someone literally got burned, press play to see who

A Fun Save The Date video we made after a shoot in Florida

Danielle Does Bridal Dresses

Before we got married at an old mill in CT, we made it legal in NYC. Then we took off in a helicopter - no joke

Getting some ink

Excerpt from a tribute to our family & friends we screened at our Wedding

We pieced this together on a plane to our Honeymoon, then did a quick polish back in NY

We love shooting Time Lapses

A short tribute to Maxwell Frederic Coplan or as we like to call him "Poppy."

Adding a Cinematic Look to an old photo montage always looks good

High Speed Line Art Elopement

Thank you for viewing, more photos and videos to come.