Above and below, please find some personal Home Movie style film shorts, photos and blog style entries. In addition to Weddings & Engagements, we can also document your Proposal, special occasions, Wedding Dress Shopping, Bridal Showers, Jack & Jill Parties, True Love Stories and even a reality show or documentary leading up to your Wedding.  Short Films and Home movies make for great entertainment at your Engagement Party, Rehearsal Dinner or Wedding. Please feel free to email us at info@dideofilmsphotography.com or call us at 646.245.0087 to discuss all your Photography & Videography needs.

A re-creation of the day we met, sort of :)


I planned to propose to Danielle on September 12, but she insisted on seeing her Cousin on that day. We had already broken plans with her Cousin once, so my hand was forced. I had to propose on 9/11, but I didn't even realize what date it was I was so caught up in planning everything. The ring was burning a hole in my pocket. So, I made my move.

I covered our living room in candlelight and flowers and when Danielle returned, I took to one knee and proposed. 
Everything went great, except when....

watch the video ABOVE and see what happened :)

It's a bit campy, but it is a Save-the-Date video


I was lucky enough to escort Danielle on her search for the perfect dress. We took photos and video whenever we could; And sometimes when we couldn't :) 

We love making Time Lapses.  Above check out a Time Lapse Montage of NYC.

Excerpt from a film we played at our wedding. Ask us about making a custom film to play at your wedding.


Spice up a cliche photo montage w/ some Cinematography

Above check out a High Speed Wedding Ceremony we shot and then enhanced with a funky chalk on blackboard Line Art look.

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Above & Below are some images from our wedding, shot by our awesome team.  If you like the collage style of the edits we created, please feel free to inquire about adding a custom collage, frame or look to your wedding collection.

Thank you for viewing our US section. We love to talk Photography & Films. Please feel free to call or email us anytime.


Danielle + David

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