What Should We Wear?

We suggest wearing bright hues that will pop from the background. The most important thing during your engagement shoot is to be yourself!  The whole purpose of the shoot is to capture exactly who you are, and show your personalities. If you pick an outfit that just isn’t ‘you’, you’ll feel uncomfortable, and trust us, it’ll show in the photos. Think about your body type as well; you know what suits you and what doesn’t, so don’t just pick something you thought looked great in a magazine. If you’re worrying about what your arms look like in that strapless dress, it’s going to be harder to capture those beautiful moments of a couple in love.  You’ll want to coordinate with each other, rather than looking like Mr. and Mrs. Identical. Think about colors that complement each other, say cherry red and bright blue, or baby pink and turquoise.  You don’t have to be all matchy-matchy, but it would be cool if there was some subtle stylistic connection between you both. The same goes for how dressy you’re planning to be; if you’re going for a formal look, then both of you should be formal.  Lastly, we ask that you avoid wearing anything overly loose - form fitting, while still comfortable, is best! Guys, avoid writing/overly large logos.

For hair & makeup, some brides choose to have their makeup trial done on the same day as their engagement session so that they can see what their makeup will look like in pictures before the wedding day! We highly recommend this.  It’s always fun when you get pampered for the day and your hair and makeup are professionally done for the shoot.  If you choose to do your own makeup, that's cool too, just make sure you apply your eye makeup a touch stronger than normal for your pictures.  If you tend to have shiny/oily skin, or it's very hot out and you tend to sweat, it will definitely show. Ladies, this can be often be remedied with a light matte-finish powder or blotter paper. 


Ideas for Props

Flowers: a bunch, loose stems, wildflowers

Balloons: a bunch, different colors, letters, or unique balloons that make a statement

Food: lollipops, cupcakes, big cookies, watermelon, s’mores, wine, beer, coffee, favorite candy, popcorn

Objects: books, pets, heirloom objects, picnic basket/blanket, love letters, special gifts, sports team paraphernalia, parasols, musical instruments, chalkboard signs, Large letters, large frame

Be on Time 

At any time of year, the best time to shoot your engagement session is usually 60-90 minutes before sunset.  Being prompt is very important so that you don’t lose any of your shooting time and pretty sunlight before the sun sets.

Have Fun

Don’t forget to have fun.  This of your engagement session as a cool and unique date that you'll remember for ever.  These photos are going to be around for a long time and it’s important that they represent you. And if you have ideas please don’t be shy!