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A Wedding Album Love Story

The buttery leather covers, the clean simple lines, the beautiful craftsmanship, these albums are just beautiful to look at! The only way to really cherish your photos is something to have and to hold. A flash drive or storage in the cloud is nice to have… An album is the ultimate way of presenting your love story. Our view on serving our clients is to give them the best possible service and products. In search of the most beautiful and high-quality premium album, we've chosen Madera Books as our album manufacturer of choice.  Madera Books is a wonderful company to work with and they produce some of the finest albums around. They’re modern and fresh with a sophisticated palette of available colors and leathers. Most importantly the books are truly works of art. The craftsmanship is unparalleled. The books lay flat, have neat, tidy corners and have never arrived to us looking anything but perfect. These are your family's first “heirloom”. For those of you who don’t know or don’t remember, the word heirloom means: “a valuable object that has belonged to a family for several generations”. Your wedding dress falls into this category…that’s why some people justify spending thousands of dollars on a dress they wear once! But, let’s be honest ladies…your daughters/granddaughters will probably never wear them! A more important heirloom item, in our opinion is your wedding album.


Growing up, you probably had a big box of pictures in your closet or under your bed, you also likely made scrapbooks for big events and taped photos all over your wall. When digital cameras came on the scene, sure, it was fun being able to put your photos on Myspace :) But what about the moments that are too valuable to live on a tiny little screen online? You spend months, sometimes years, planning your wedding day, but to then just let those photos live on your iPhone where they can be lost?! It makes us sad just thinking about it. Everyone wants digital images.  Ok, that's fine.  But, they really aren’t made for longevity.  How long did it take for 8 tracks or cassettes to be outdated?  The new iMac’s no longer have cd slots and DVDs are on their way out. Imagine yourself in a chair with your children or your grandchildren on your lap, turning the pages and reliving the memories of your day. This is your history right here in your hands. You can’t do that with files stuck on a USB drive. 

Enter, Madera :)

Images don’t really do these books justice.  The first thing you see is the beautiful leather-covered box with a suede interior, which every Madera book gets shipped in, to store your heirloom safely. 

All of Madera’s albums are flush mount, meaning the images are printed directly on photographic paper, folded, glued back to back and cut into a block. Flush mount albums are the current standard as opposed to traditional matted albums where photographs are printed individually and placed behind cutouts in the pages, much like a mat inside a frame. Flush mount books have full sheets of real photographic paper. They are *not* the lesser quality press style books that use printing techniques used by magazines.  The pages are Kodak Endura photographic prints mounted on a thick substrate.  Look how thick the pages are!! All of the pages have UV-coating protection to prevent sun damage.

The thing we love about Madera the most is the ability to have images spread across the fold (called the gutter).  

That’s what is meant by a “lay-flat” album. No more words needed.

That’s what is meant by a “lay-flat” album. No more words needed.

A gutter of only 1 mm makes sure you will never get discolored or cracked photos in the centre and no funky creases in your pages. We don't think there is a smaller gutter out there. It is an expensive and labor intensive process but when you see (or don't see) the gutter for the first time you'll understand.

We don't think it's even possible to get a smaller gutter than Madera!

We don't think it's even possible to get a smaller gutter than Madera!

These gorgeous albums feature Premium, Top-grain leather or Faux leather.  

Leather-Options(pp_w480_h355) (1).jpg

Also available is an image cutout on the front cover (additional).

The cover and spine can be blind embossed (as shown below on the cover) for an additional charge.

Check out this 1 minute video on how they hand craft each album.

MADERA Album Pricing. We do the design, they print and bind :)

12 x 12 premium leather wedding album, 20 spreads (40 sides) and 50 images $1400

10 x 10 premium leather wedding album, 20 spreads (40 sides) and 50 images $1100 

8 x 8 premium leather wedding album, 20 spreads (40 sides) and 50 images $800

Exact Duplicate of main album "parent album" (will be 12x12 for 12x12 albums or 10x10 for 10x10 albums)  $750

  • -$30 for Faux Leather cover

  • +$50 for Premium Leather upgrade

  • +$60 for cover inset photo

  • +$50 for spine (one line) or cover (2 lines) imprinting

  • + $80 for both spine and cover imprinting

  • +$20 for one additional spread & up to 3 additional photos (albums cannot exceed 40 spreads)



Modern Album are contemporary flush mount wedding albums, designed for those who want elegant simplicity, but not austerity. Cover materials are available in black leather, animal-free leatherette, classic linen, or Japanese fabrics, with various front cover options. The albums are available in in horizontal sizes 18 x 12, 14 x 10 & 10 x 7 as well as the more traditional 12 x 12, 10 x 1o & 8 x 8 square album sizes. Available in several cover format options (see sample images below) , the inside covers are decorated with patterned accent fabric. The albums are handsomely presented in storage boxes the match the style and material of the album. Modern Albums are priced similar to the Madera offerings yet offer different cover options.


NO LABEL Flush Mount Albums

For couples who don't want all the bells and whistles, we have albums with the luxurious look and feel of a premium album without the price tag.  

Our no label flush mount albums set a standard for beauty, durability and style. Each photo book is built by hand and professionally inspected for quality.  All the album pages are on silver halide photo paper for rich, vibrant colors in a variety of textures and finishes. The lay flat photo books offer a seamless page spread with no gutters.  You can add many luxurious options such as rounded corners, gilded pages, cover debossing, as well as options that include classic thick pages to the more contemporary slim pages. The no label wedding books are available in genuine leather covers as well as animal friendly Faux Leather options.

Luxury Leather Color Options

Luxury Leather Color Options

Faux Leather Color Options

Faux Leather Color Options

NO LABEL Album Pricing. We do the design, they print and bind :)

12 x 12 custom designed 40 page 20 spread Leather Wedding Album for $900

12 x 15 horizontal Leather album with thinner pages:  40 images and 20 spreads, $1000

Leather with thinner pages: 12 x 12 album with 40 images and 20 spreads, $750

Leather with thinner pages 10 x 10 album with 40 images and 20 spreads, $600

Exact Duplicate of main album "parent album" (will be size 10 x 8 for 12 x 15 albums) $500

Exact Duplicate of main album "parent album" (will be size 8 x 8 for 12 x 12 or 10 x 10 albums) $300

Custom Parent Wedding Albums available for additional price - please inquire for a custom quote

"Keepsake" Hard Cover album with thinner pages 10 x 10 with 40 images and 20 spreads $450 (one photo on the front cover)

  • - Faux leather available in place of leather

  • +$100 for thicker packages (not available for more than 25 spreads)

  • +$15 add rounded corners to the pages

  • +$20 for cover (2 lines) imprinting (gold, silver, black foil or no foil imprinting)

  • +$50 add page edge gilding (gold, silver or black)

  • +$12 for one additional spread & up to 3 additional photos (albums cannot exceed 25 spreads for thicker pages, and cannot exceed 40 spreads for thinner pages)