We're a family owned and operated business of third generation photographers & filmmakers who seamlessly work together to create timeless Photography & Film collections. We approach weddings with a fresh perspective and distinctive style, blending Fine Art, Portrait and Photojournalistic techniques with storytelling to create collections that are as unique as the couples we craft them for. 

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My Grandfather's photograph of Bob Dylan from the pages of Cosmopolitan.

 My mother, photographed by my grandfather on her Wedding Day

My mother, photographed by my grandfather on her Wedding Day

DAVID:   As soon as I was old enough to hold a camera, I was taught photography by my grandfather famed photographer Maxwell Frederic Coplan. My grandfather photographed everyone from Bob Dylan to Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn to Marilyn Monroe. His photography was featured on the covers and pages of every major publication of his day. I learned from my grandfather that there is a magical moment in every photo shoot, you just need to be prepared to capture it. It may sound crazy, but sometimes I can almost hear my grandfather guiding me to those magical moments.


My love for Photography & Filmmaking lead me to Los Angeles, after studying at UCLA I developed projects for Donnie Brasco producer Lou DiGiaimo, Batman producer Larry Franco, Constantine Films and Electric Entertainment.  A freelance Photography & Cinematography gig lead me back to New York where I met Danielle.  After working on a chaotic Hip Hop shoot, Danielle & I decided to test our skills at wedding.

7 years and 400+ weddings later - we're still doing it and loving every minute.  Weddings allows me to put my skills and training into action every weekend. I love being able to shoot in Fine Art, Portrait & Photo-journalistic styles all in the same shoot. No matter how big or small the project. I’m always inspired by the Brides, Grooms and families I get the pleasure to work with every weekend.  I love telling stories in images, I'm always on the look out for the special and compelling moments that tell the story of the day in a way that reflects the personality and style of the wedding day.

Whether I'm getting a shot from a distinct angle, capturing the way the light highlights the couple's features, directing our team or just being in the right place at the right time, I love how weddings allow me to capture so many unique moments in one day. 

From the butterflies of prep, to the anticipation of the ceremony, to the pure joy of the celebration of the reception, weddings are a right of passage that should be captured by someone who truly loves what they do.



DANIELLE:   I have the best job in the world. I get to help Brides and Grooms plan one of the happiest day of their lives. Wether I'm editing or shooting my style is modern, candid and fun. My approach is fresh and natural.  As an artist and pianist I’ve been creating since I was old enough to talk. 

On the business side of things, I’m usually the person you’re emailing with. I started my college years at Cornell for business, but decided to follow my artistic passions and transferred to NYU, so I could combine my interests in business with my love for Photography & Cinematography.

I was working for a website, when I crossed paths with David. Our love for each other, photography & filmmaking birthed Dideo Films Photography. Still a newlywed myself, I can see a wedding day from both sides, which gives me a great feel for the wedding day timeline. I work behind the scenes, to help create a fun and beautiful day, creating the game plan for our team to capture great moments, precious details and all the emotions along the way.


DENIS: A photographers photographer, Denis is always on the look out for unique angles and distinct ways to tell the story of the day.  His style is a mix of  unaffected off camera lighting techniques and wedding photojournalism. 

MICHAEL:   A wizard with a Steadicam, when Michael is not shooting Cinematic Weddings, he can be found working on music videos, Indie Films and Corporate projects.

VLAD:   Shooting in a creative mix of editorial, fine art and photojournalistic styles, Vlad is always smiling.  A true storyteller, Vlad is great at capturing the gamut of emotions that encompass the wedding day. He often works with 20-something son (who doubles as a lighting assistant and 2nd Photographer).

DAN:   A wedding photographer for over twenty years. Dan has shot over 900 weddings and a nice mix of Rockstars and Celebs.  With a personality that puts any Bridal party at ease, Dan has a true love for capturing weddings.

EDISON:    A visual artist first and foremost. Edison is both a photographer & cinematographer.  A fan of telephoto lenses, Edison works in an unobtrusive style. He prides himself on hard work and creating classic images.

SHARIF:  A mainstay on the Tri-state area wedding scene, Shrif mixes Documentary and Feature Film styles to create stunning wedding footage


LASHA:  A veteran of the tri-state area cinematography scene, Lasha mixes documentary style with Hollywood stabilizer effects to create classic images. 

INNA:  A Cinematographer with an Editor's eye. Inna favors telephoto lenses and smooth dolly shots.  Together Lasha & Inna make for an awesome husband & wife cinematic duo.

MIKE: Self taught. Mike mixes music video and photojournalistic style, to create classic wedding footage.

DANIEL: From Kentucky to NYC, Daniel mixes visceral and cinematic styles to craft unique wedding imagery. 

ROBERT:  His artistic eye and knack for bringing out the personalities of his subjects has made Robert an in demand portrait and wedding photographer.

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JEREMIAH: Ohio native and NYC transplant.  Jeremiah puts his subjects at ease with an unobtrusive photojournalistic & fine art style

JONATHAN: A fan of Cinema Verite,  Jonathon blends smooth slider shots with a naturalistic documentary techinques. 

CHRIS: NYC by way of Pittsburgh & Phillie, Chris mixes Documentary and Fine Art style to create a look all of his own. A Fan of free lensing and prism shots, Chris handles a C100 or 200 like it's an extension of his body.

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CARI: Jersey via Brazil, Cari is always on the lookout for special personal moments. Mixing Photojournalism with honed Indie skills, Cari has knack for being in the right place at the right time.

GINA: A Westchester, NY native, Gina specializes in portrait photography & photojournalism. She has a keen eye for capturing special moments, whether working with natural light, fill light or a full portrait lighting set up, Gina style mixes candid moments with directed action.

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JACLYN:  She may look young, but she's logged a hundred weddings and counting, as Jaclyn puts it:  "Photography is about creating a visual emotion, so that when you look back at that photo, you feel something. You recall how you felt in that moment, or you are moved to feel something despite not being at that exact place in time when the photo was taken. A good photo tells a story, it captivates your eyes for more than just a second or two, and it's something you really want to look at and admire. To me, that's a real photograph." 

 Scan of 1968 4x5 Medium Format Film Contact sheet from my mother's wedding

Scan of 1968 4x5 Medium Format Film Contact sheet from my mother's wedding